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Côme’s refugee life story turned him into a soul of conviction and a voice of courage. Côme is a widely sought after motivational speaker and athlete whose voice has graced a variety of audiences including sports teams, church members, executives, young people, high school students as well as prestigious universities such as Gonzaga University and Whitworth University. Côme’s life story has been featured on KHQ local television  and several news outlets. His life story featured on KHQ TV station won the Northwest Sports Emmy Award in 2014.

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Offered as keynotes, breakouts, seminars or workshops, retreats, trainings and Webinars, and customized for your group. Côme Nzibarega is also available as a panel guest or moderator.


When Côme Nzibarega became a translator for the United Nations peacekeeping force in his native Burundi, he also became a target for vicious rebel groups. One night, Côme, then 20, was kidnapped, beaten, tortured and interrogated about UN operations. Finally, after two weeks of brutal captivity, the rebels’ compound was raided and Côme was finally freed—only to face six long years of hardship in refugee camps on his path to freedom.
Today, Côme inspires audiences with his first-hand account of life in the camps, revealing the human—and often heroic—stories behind the nameless faces we see in the news. In his riveting talk, Come inspires his audience to find their life purpose and express their gifts and talents, as he notes the parallels between being trapped in a refugee camp and trapped by fear that prevents us from living life to the fullest. If your audience is facing challenges such as forgiveness, discouragement, procrastination, disappointment or betrayal, this talk provides help and hope. “Don’t die unfinished, before you’ve expressed your gifts,” says Côme, noting that we in the U.S. are blessed with everyday freedom.
Côme’s presentation will bring your group up to speed on the hotly-debated “refugee problem” that’s constantly in the news, while motivating the audience to fulfill and maximize their potential. It’s also an amazing testament to the power of forgiveness that will appeal to religious and spiritual groups. “Forgiving the people who kidnapped and tortured me helped me to heal and move on with my purpose in life,” says Côme. “Holding grudges against people who did bad things to us drains energy that we could be using to pursue our true life purpose.”
You’ll get an inside glimpse of the day-to-day life in the refugee camps, and gain an appreciation of the indomitable spirit of these displaced people seeking freedom. “The richest places in the world are refugee camps because they’re full of people with potential they cannot express,” says Côme. “Many problems the world faces today could be solved by people stuck in those camps.”
Your audience will leave Côme Nzibarega’s life-changing presentation with a renewed passion for living, determined to maximize their true potential instead of procrastinating or being distracted by things that don’t support their life purpose. ”My goal is to motivate you to step beyond your limitations and soar into greatness,” says Côme. Everyone leaves Côme’s passionate talk with a deep appreciation for the courage of the refugees behind the headlines, inspired to break free of self-made limitations and express their unique gifts in the land of the free.


Côme Nzibarega uses his incredible life story to help people discover their unique life purpose and empower them with the inspiration and motivation they need to overcome life’s obstacles and reach their destiny. Drawing on his first-hand experience as a refugee, he inspires his audience to express their unique gifts so they can live a fulfilling life and avoid“dying full with unreleased potential.” You’ll be profoundly touched by Côme’s story and gain a deep understanding of the challenges refugees face. Côme “found hope in the middle of nothing,” and his story will inspire anyone who wants to connect with their true purpose and live life to the max.


Do you think of yourself as a leader? “Every human has the instinct and capacity for leadership, but most do not have the courage or will to cultivate it,” says Côme Nzibarega. “Leadership is not an exclusive club for the elite, but rather a quality you develop when you connect with your life purpose and sense of self-worth.”
In this interactive presentation, you’ll learn how to lead by inspiring people, not manipulating them, and you’ll develop the unique mental attitude that marks you as a born leader. “It’s how you think that distinguishes you as a leader,” says Côme, “not manipulating others or playing upon their fears and needs.” In this talk he shows you how to master the mindset of leadership by creating a strong and confident connection to your own sense of purpose and self-worth.
You’ll identify and unlock the leadership qualities you already have, as Côme guides you step by step to your personal revelation of leadership. You’ll explore the qualities of effective leaders and how to eliminate the blocks that prevent you from tapping your innate leadership power. You’ll understand the principles that enable you to lead wisely and develop the tact that generates both response and respect from your teams and colleagues. With wisdom and power, Côme reveals a wealth of practical insights that move you from being a follower to becoming the powerful leader you were meant to be.


Are you living life to the max and fulfilling your true potential? Do you pick up a bench when there’s a piano to be moved or splash in a wading pool when there is an ocean to cross? In this presentation, Côme dares you to leave the beaten path of mediocrity and blaze adventurous new trails that will tax you to the limit of your abilities and squeeze from you every contribution you can possibly make for the glory of God and the good of society. It’s an exciting challenge, but living up to it will cause you to leave footprints pointed in the right direction that are deep enough for others to follow.
With his motivational message based on his story of surviving six years in refugee camps, Côme will enable you to:

● Go beyond your self-imposed limitations by breaking barriers of fabricated 13698199_312873619045725_3941796600505601783_ofears and inhibitions
● Stop watching things happen and make things happen
● Identify and overcome the obstacles that block your hidden abilities
● Make the best of your unique abilities and possibilities
● Stop comparing yourself to others and focus on living up to the best you can be
No one who listens to Côme speak with an open heart and mind will ever again prefer the common, settle for less than the best, or stop short of fulfilling his or her true potential. “You’re either a creator of fact or a creature of circumstance,” says Côme. “You either put color into the environment or, like a chameleon, take color from it. Stop being a thermostat, allowing your environment to control you; instead, control your environment.”
You’ll leave this life-changing presentation feeling like Shakespeare’s Othello, of which Iago said: “She counts it a vice in her virtue not to do more than she is asked to do.” If you’re an underachiever or bored with success, Côme will rekindle your passion for living and inspire you to “Go for the max!”